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Wondering if it's time for new tyres? One way to tell is to insert a penny, head first, into the tyre tread. If you can see queens head, it's time for new tyres. But tyre tread isn’t the only indicator of problems. If your tyres are more heavily worn more on the inside than the outside, or vice versa, you may also have wheel alignment issues that won’t be solved with a new set of tyres.

Another garage might not be able to tell you that, but the expert auto repair technicians at West side autos understand how all of the components in your car work together. Our total car care philosophy gives you peace of mind knowing you’re taking care of the cause of problems, not just the symptoms.



When you visit West side autos,our friendly team will inspect, rotate, and balance your tyres, as scheduled by your vehicle’s manufacturer. And when it's time to replace them, we will determine the correct size and kind of tyre you need for the car and type of driving you do. Finally, we will make sure your new tyres are properly installed.

Need a wheel alignment? We'll take care of that too. So, visit West Side Autos and ask about tire sales and tyre repair services. We think you'll find we're a good fit. And don't forget: manufacturer recommended vehicle maintenance typically includes tyre services such as tyre rotation and wheel alignment.


If you would like to look into futher wheel allignment please click here, this page is generally dedicated for tyre repairs and new tyres.

Tyres&repairs in depth:

Our top quality long ware tyres will be fitted with extra care and attention to your vehicle, this means that you will have more miles to the gallon, your car will cost you less maintinance wise and your shocks will take less friction damage. Having good tyres will also get you from A-B a lot faster than having bad ones, your cars health matters and we understand this, that's why our customer friendly staff are here to greet you as a regular or a one-time visit.


The better handing your car has, means the better you can turn corners, wether this is for rallying around a dirt course or driving your family to work/school.


Tyres range from budget standard tyres to top of the range tyres, designed for your needs and pleasure of a smooth ride, we're here to outfit your car with what you want!