Mechanical services can be arranged by phone, or by email by Clicking here, prices can also be quoted and appointments regarding your vehicle can be made by simply calling the provided phone number on our contact page, or dropping into our garage within our opening hours to get a quote, if you have any queries about any vehicle faults please feel free to contact us.


Having mechanical issues? Car not running as smooth as you would like?


Well visit West Side Autos and we can do a full test as well as fix any issues with your vehicle. Simply call us and arrange a quality vehicle performance test.




Having electrical issues with your vehicle? That shouldn't be an issue, our friendly team at West Side Autos will help.


If you would like to know more about this issues, please Click here, if you would like to arrange a visit, please contact us.



Does your engine sound a little strange? Does it make clunking and banging sounds? Maybe your vehicle won't start properly. We can help with that at West Side Autos, just call us and describe the issue you  are having, or simply call and bring it down to the garage.


If you would like to look futher into the issue, please Click here.



Is your clutch slipping? I s it hard to engage gears? Is it feeling too loose or too stiff? Then give West Side Autos a call, we can help you with any issues with your clutch, just simply call us and arrange something with our friendly, helpful team.


If you would like to find out futher about the issue, please Click here.



Are your brakes making abnormal sounds? Can you not get to the required stop time? Do you want some better brakes on your vehicle? Then call West Side Autos. Our friendly, helpful team will help you get the braking time you want and the desired density of the brake pads and discs that you choose!


If you are having issues with your brake pads or discs and would like to find out about the issue futher, please Click here, otherwise, please call us.