What we do for you:

Are you having electrical issues with your car, is a light, or your air conditioning not working?


Well West Side Autos will help you with that, with our fully qualified team, we are equiped to handle any electrical fault your car has to offer.


With our full standard test, you will find that you will have your full electrical report of your car available on a written report which we will provide.


To arrange a full standard test or inform us about any electrical faults your vehicle is having, please contact us.

Electrical faults and issues in depth:

Vehicle electrical systems can be notoriously complex and problems are often difficult to diagnose - especially if they are intermittent faults.

Modern cars are equipped with their own troubleshooting systems called On Board Diagnostics or OBD. These systems take thousands of readings from your car's sensors, continuously compiling information about how everything's working.


When a fault occurs, the system sends out a code, and often triggers
a diagnostic light.

Is your ABS light on? Has your Airbag light turned on? If it has, don't waste time and money guessing what your electrical faults are, contact West Side Autos for professional problem solving.


We use the latest test equipment, combined with years of experience, to trace electrical faults and carry out repairs.

We can identify and repair most electrical issues you may have with your car.